today has been one of the worst days of my life i’m crying so hard i’m dry heaving and i don’t even have any followers anymore that care

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Mr. Grey will see you now!

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Fifty Shades Of Grey - Trailer

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Anonymous said: hahahha it will trailer is amazingggg

yay I can’t wait to watch it then thank u for telling me it’s out

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Anonymous said: did u see 50 shades trailer??

NO ILL WATcH IT WHEN I GET TO SCHOOL IS IT GOOD will it get my pussy juices flowing

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Anonymous said: can you tell me where did you get this theme?


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Get to know me meme » favorite tv shows [INPO]
↳ Skins (2007 - 2013)

"Change. It’s a wonderful thing. Look, you know how subatomic particles don’t obey physical laws? They act according to chance, chaos, coincidence. They run into each other in the middle of the universe somewhere and bang! Energy! We’re the same as that. That’s the great thing about the universe: unpredictable. That’s why it’s so much fun."
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